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If you have an ever-increasing database of customers, both existing and potential, then you know it can get difficult to keep track of each customer or business lead.


Because all customers are not the same and to manually craft a communication/pitching strategy to each individual customer is simply not possible when you have hundreds or thousands in your list.

Global-marketing Inc.’s CRM solutions offer all that and more. Integrated in your website with super-fast deployment, you can simply transfer your lead capturing process to the CRM with a single click.

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14 day free trial. No credit card needed.

Affordable for Small Businesses

Affordable for
Small Businesses

Rapid Implementation


Customizable Interface


Easy Integration



Pipeline Visibility

Save yourself from end-of-quarter surprises by accurately forecasting and managing your pipeline in real time. You have complete control to plan, track, and analyze your sales process without doing any heavy lifting.

Comprehensive Pipeline Visibility
Focused Revenue Tracking

Focused Revenue

Add $$$ values in real-time. Track more than just sales! Maintain your balances right alongside your customer data by adding customer lifetime values.

Personalized Follow

Keep track of all interactions with your customer base. Segment them by company name, lead type or type of meeting. Personalize your workspace as per your requirements.

Personalized Follow Ups

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Activity Management
Activity Management
Case Management
Case Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I get with Global-marketing Inc.'s CRM services?

    Our CRM solutions allow you to take control of your customer interactions, develop powerful workflows and customize client handling with any level of detailing you require.

  • Will you integrate the CRM into my website for me?

    Yes. We will deploy the CRM onto a subdomain of your website (example:

  • What if I do not have a website?

    Do not worry, our CRM services can also be used standalone, regardless of a website.

  • Can I request new features or customizations in the CRM?

    Absolutely. In addition to the implementation, we offer a completely customized solution that is engineered to meet your goals and expectations.

  • What if I need help after you've deployed the CRM?

    We offer affordable maintenance and support plans that will ensure that your CRM is functioning smoothly all year round.

  • What does the free trial include? Is it really free?

    Our 14-day free trial allows you to use all basic functionalities of our CRM. We want you to test it yourself before committing to a premium plan.